Monday, April 28, 2014

Put It On A Shirt So You Know Its Real

There's a saying that in order for people to know its real, you have to put it on a shirt. Well, in the business world you can advertise yourself with business cards, pens, small notebooks with your business written at the top, shirts, and so many other ways. However, I'm very much into fashion so a shirt seems like a cool idea. 

How many people hold onto business cards anyway? In a recent study of just paying attention to my surroundings, I've noticed people are quicker to pay attention to what your shirt says than they are to you handing them a business card. For instance I wore a shirt recently that has the word "BOSS" written across it. Not only did people notice, but one person in particular went out of his way to call me a Boss as we were walking past each other. I am a boss though. This website is just one way of proving it. However, I've been getting lazy at showing just how passionate I am about, so its time to start showing you all that this is not a game. 

This is why the next step for will be to get a shirt made. The current idea is for it to say the following. 


That is just to start off with, but I will get more creative. Please feel free to offer up any ideas to me. Also, men are very visual. On social media they are always staring at multiple photos of the same woman. I might have to increase the amount of photos on here just to draw in more male readers. What do you think? 

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