Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Girl Talk Chronicles by Ariel Williams (Excerpt & Review)

“Oh, so he’s got a girlfriend now?” I was in disbelief as bestie shared this news. Damn. Here I was developing a casual thing for this man and he has a girlfriend. In his defense, he was single in May when we’d met. Still, to start a relationship so fast makes me wonder how long he’d been booed up or preparing to boo up his current girlfriend. Regardless of the answer, it was none of my business; we didn’t owe each other anything.                          

Bestie told me this right before saying “Man, both of y’all were playing around. Both of y’all liked each other but no one said anything.” Heifer. She had a point. He and I both pussyfooted around the idea of exchanging numbers, let alone anything more than that. Before I decided to completely wipe Sir Nice, Funny & Smart from my mind, I befriended him on Facebook just to see his new girlfriend. Usually, I try to refrain from judging a woman’s pretty or ugly factor. Being a plus-sized teaches you things like that. Still, quiet as it’s kept, if looks meant anything, I walked circles and squares around her, but who’s counting shape-like laps? I’m sure she had an irresistible heart. Maybe she was nice, funny and smart.

Williams, Ariel C. (2014-02-15). The Girl Talk Chronicles: Advice on How to Manage Love, Lust And Situations (Kindle Locations 1319-1332). Ariel C. Williams. Kindle Edition.

It's been a full year since I've dated. That means it's been a full year since I've been on any dates, had any sex, or even invited a guy over my house for one on one time. This is mainly because lately I've been pondering on what the Hell I'm doing when it comes to men. It really does seem like the same process I've been repeating since my very first time ever taking interest in a boy. The cycle of smiling in each other's faces, doing lots of flirting, having sex before calling it quits is addictive, but can also become so draining. Sometimes the sex doesn't even happen. Either I or the guy dips out of the picture before feelings can become too serious. So I've been searching for answers to why all of this takes place and how to fix it. If you've been struggling like me then Ariel Williams' The Girl Talk Chronicles is definitely for you.

If you are still clueless about why you were so stupidly in love with that 14 year old boy so long ago, Ariel tells her story about how she was stupidly in love too. She talks about being in love with him and having her heart broken in front of a bunch of on-lookers as he chose another girl. However, eventually she managed to get over it and discovered lessons from it. Many of her others stories reflect how that first failure at getting love affects the rest of the males that we come into connect with as we go older.

The relatable stories and the lessons from each of them are what makes The Girl Talk Chronicles a good book to read. Ariel really breaks down how to manage love, lust and situations. For instance the above excerpt is about a guy she was interested in, but he blindsided her by getting a girlfriend. Because of common friends she ends up being uncomfortably near him and his girlfriend at the same time. See I've been in that situation of becoming interested in a man just to find out months down the line he decided to give another woman that precious title of being his woman. I didn't know how to handle it though, but reading The Girl Talk Chronicles gives a fresh view on it.

You can purchase The Girl Talk Chronicles: Advice on How To Manage Love Lust and Situations on Amazon or just click the link. It's very informative. A couple months ago I was speaking to a friend on how I was getting tired of having the same old conversations about men that lead to nowhere except for more alcoholic beverages. Is it mean to say that to the friend you've been having those alcoholic beverages with? That friend was confused by that statement, but Ariel seems to understand the elevation of having the girl talks. I'll also be going to her for future questions if she doesn't mind.

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