Monday, April 21, 2014

Why? (Poem)

This happens on way too many occasions.
"Have I already been where I'm gonna go in my life?"
Day in and day out I'm scheming
Working hard to take care of now
But still planning for much better 
A year from now can't wake up and see the same things
Meet a few more physical needs 
Complete a few more goals 
Be prepared to travel brand new roads 
Be able to smile and say I did a little more 
But I don't know why they try to hold me back
Its like I don't deserve a peace of mind
Everywhere I turn they trying to knock me down
With every step I take up, it's something I'm not doing right
Planning to have fun tonight, there's a problem with that
Wanting to make a little more money, she's so selfish for that
I don't know why the pain runs so deep 
What did I do to have strangers hating on me
Smiling in my face because we're at the same level
But laughing behind my back
They don't believe in dreams 
And why it's my own peeps that make me cry at night
I can still hear the echoes of yesterday
Internalizing being called weird 
And always being the one to disappoint 
The disappointments have floated into today
I can't speak up 
Can't say no when there's a need to be alone
Continuously stuck in the box 
Always getting trapped in my feelings
Do I have to make a play like Kandi 
Invite everyone from as far back as I can remember
Show them the damaged girl they've created
She's not a Bitch or a Hoe or a Thot
This is just a reflection of what you've created 
But why I'm so slum to the negative
I know I'm doing right 
On this crazy path there's someone I've inspired
But why I keep falling victim to others opinions
Is it because I'm just playing myself 
"Will everybody who doubted me finally be right?" 

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