Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#LHHATL Five Reasons To Never Stop Watching Love & Hip Hop

The new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is right around the corner. As I write this the 40 greatest moments from Love & Hip Hop are being replayed on Vh1 and it's hilarious. Vh1 really has managed to capture almost every hilarious and embarrassing moment of all the cast members lives. However, some moments are definitely better than others. Some moments just draw you in and keep you waiting for more. 

I'm just jumping straight to the point. There are some scenes from LHH that will have me tuning in forever. I can't help it. I'm a blogger, I'm nosy, and these people are very entertaining. For instance, remember when Chrissy proposed to Jim Jones? She brought him a ring, invited all their friends, and proposed with a microphone in her hand. When in the history of mankind has a woman ever proposed to a man before? It's usually the other way around. What made it even more entertaining was that Jim Jones didn't even give a yes or no answer. He said, "I'm with you" or some mess like that.  That scene was worth us popping our popcorn and awaiting more episodes. It's been some years, but I'm still waiting for the wedding special. Okay, now I'm going to attempt to give you for more classic reasons why LHH deserves our attention forever. 
coming up

coming up

*Joseline Hernandez and the infamous pregnancy scene
There's so much that has happened with Josephine on LHHATL. She successfully went from Stevie J.'s side chick to his main woman. She became pregnant, took a pregnancy test with the cameras rolling, and got an abortion soon after. She went to counseling with Stevie J. and MiMi. She launched a career as a rapper, even though we are not her musical audience. Stevie J. tried to make her become one of his life partners. Yeah, that infamous scene where he handed her and MiMi life partner rings was unforgettable. I think the biggest part that keeps us watching Joseline is how much she is growing. She looked rough when she first got in front of the cameras, but now she is blossoming into a beautiful woman. Makeup is so powerful. However, for me her bravery for taking a pregnancy test on camera to prove she was pregnant was enough to make me want to keep paying attention. 

*Kimbella and the time she recovered from getting beat down on camera
It was a a group of women meeting to celebrate Emily's independence from Fabolous. However, Kimbella felt the need to let Emily know her man had been cheating on her. That didn't sit right with Chrissy. She tried to beat Kimbella down, but some absolutely fabulous happened right after. Kimbella bounced right back up, ran to the bathroom, and said, "Still pretty" as she checked her appearance in the mirror. This is great television and worth us tuning in for more. Too bad she's not on the show anymore. 

*Joe Budden's marriage proposal gone wrong
Whenever I need a reminder of how fucked up love can be, the LHH series is the perfect spot to find it. We all knew the infamous proposal was coming, but it was still very epic to watch on television. Joe Budden practically made a Vh1 commercial to express his love to Tahiry. Then he pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him. However, Tahiry wasn't feeling it and said no in front of the whole world. Well, initially she rejected him in front of a crowd of NYC people and then later he was rejected in front millions of viewers. Damn. 
The Hip Hop in Love and Hip Hop is very rare to see, but every now and then it happens. In one particular season Olivia came out with a new song called, "December." The song was hot in December, but then it disappeared. It's been a while since we've seen Olivia on the show, but every December I'll be looking for her return. What was that song about again?

Okay, there are so many more reasons to watch. Most of the memorable moments were hilarious disasters. K. Michelle entertained us with many songs dissing her cast-mates. One memorable song was the freestyle directed to Rasheeda's husband Kurt. Kurt also shocked us by cheating on his wife while cameras were rolling. Plus we have more to go on than the previous seasons. Coming up we'll be seeing MiMi enter into the porn industry with her man Nikko, Stevie J. as a happily married man to Joseline, and brand new crumbling relationships on the show. My popcorn is ready. 

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