Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Love In The City~ A Reality Show Almost Too Good To Believe

OWN's new docu-series Love In The City is a couple episodes in and all I can think is…AMAZING!

The show consists of four friends succeeding in the city where all dreams eventually come true. That is NYC (New York City). So many people fantasize about moving to NYC to achieve their goals. Whether those goals are to work on Wallstreet or to be a street artist, the promises of success are overwhelming. 

For real! Last year I ran into a man that was on the street selling turtles. Turtles were the love of his life and he even wanted me to photograph him. I'll post his photos at the end. There were also people selling tons of shirts, books, and lots of food trucks. In a place like NYC food trucks are the new expensive restaurants that we can't wait to get to. Not everyone succeeds though. Some people move to that expensive city and get caught up in nine to five jobs that take their whole purpose for living away. That struggle of paying bills while still having an exciting life is what makes Love in The City almost unbelievable. Well, it's that and the arguments that just go away without getting solved. Plus these women are living amazing lifestyles that most of us only fantasize about having. Let's break down their lives. 

Kiyah Wright-
Kiyah is the celebrity hair stylist that you just can't go wrong with. When you think you look cute, she knows how to make you look cuter. Well, at least that's the vibe you get from her friends. They call her the bossy one on the show. Just from spying on twitter, Meelah (singer in the group 702) was one of Kiyah's LA clients and showed her support during the last episode. 

Bershan Shaw- 
Bershan is a motivational speaker and two-time cancer survivor. During her last experience with breast cancer the doctors gave her 3-6 months to live, but she beat the odds. Now she's happily married to a mystery man worth millions. Don't quote me on this, but in one of the previous episodes it was brought up that she lives in the middle of SoHo. She has nice hardwood floors in her place and extra room for friends to crash at her place if they need it. You can also find all of her positiveness at bershan.com.

Chenoa Maxwell-
Chenoa is my favorite. She's my favorite of them all only because she's the photographer in the crew. For the longest I've had a fascination with cameras, but Chenoa takes it to the next level. In one episode she had an art exhibit featuring her work. Instead of regular photos against the wall, there were floating photos on screens. In order to get a better look people could touch the screen and enlarge the photo of their choice. While she's talented, she clearly also has tons of money in the bank. 

Tiffany Denee Jones-
Tiffany is the sweetest of them all in the group. She's the founder and spokesperson for Pink Chose Me Foundation. Tiffany is also a cancer survivor and has battled it more than once. On the docu-series, she tells her story of getting a double mastectomy to avoid breast cancer coming back again. Another thing Tiffany does is spends thousands of dollars to make her friends birthday special. Or maybe it was just for Kiyah's 40th b-day. Either way, she's a really good friend. 

Maybe it's the fact that all these women are so positive that makes this show hard to believe. They are some beautiful women and on top of it all, they value their friendships. We do get to see the pretty and ugly picture of it all though. They do have arguments. They all have personal battles that they've had to overcome. I'm addicted to Love In The City just as much as I'm addicted to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. 

Okay, now as promised, here's the pictures of the man selling turtles in NYC. I saw him somewhere in Harlem. 

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