Monday, October 4, 2010

26 Days~ Boosting Confidence

                                                26 Days~ Boosting Confidence

Yesterday I went to church and the lesson was about having faith. To get his message through the pastor showed an interesting video about how Christian teens in American felt about their faith when it came to God. The teens in the video didn't seem to have a strong basis of why they should believe in God, but afterward the pastor mentioned several reasons of why our faith should never waiver.

The bible says God created us in his image, but in reality many of us don't have enough faith in God. When our faith in him waivers, our faith in ourselves start to go away too. That is why I've decided to come up with a few reasons why my faith in myself should never drop.

#1 God woke me up so that means someone other than myself believes in me.

#2 I made it this far. By that I  mean I made it through highschool and college, which means I have two degrees, had the opportunity to be published in a newspaper that broadcasts to at least 12,000 people, had news reports that was broadcast on  station that broadcasts to 90,000 people in a several Florida cities, and I learned that I'm a great designer after continually changing this blog to fit my interests.

#3 My creativeness never ends. As soon as I think I can't write anymore new material flows through my mind.

#4 Even when my faith starts to waiver signs from everywhere remind me that life does get better.

"As black women, we can lay the foundation for whatever we want to do as long as we are determined."-- Natischa Harvery, 28, owner and founder of Fever Footwear

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