Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Reasons To Settle Down

Some people say facebook has gotten boring. The log onto facebook, check their messages and wall posts, and then move on to something new. However, I was discussing with a fellow journalism friend about why facebook is still good.

The key to keeping facebook interesting is nosiness. People post so many crazy things on facebook that the nosiness comes second nature. You end up reading posts and shaking your head or you end up commenting. Today I've been commenting a lot because one of my facebook friends continually posted questions people were asking him when it came to relationship advice. After reading several posts I realized some of he best reasons to settle down.

#1 Everyone changes. The person you see as sexy when you first meet him/her goes through changes over the years. Some of these may include getting stomachs that might look like comfy pillows, gaining weight in every area except for where you'd like them to, becoming less fashionable because they are more comfortable, and doing annoying things that you once saw as cute. You should settle with a person with such traits because if you continue to search for the perfect person you will continue to encounter partners with lots of imperfections that eventually come to light.

#2 Earlier someone put up a facebook status about why they don't want to be call someone's girlfriend. They said girlfriends try too hard to impress and boyfriends only take girls to the movie. That was the dumbest thing ever. Listen there are more males out there that won't spend a dime on a woman. If a man is willing to treat and he never complains about treating keep him.

#3 There's always better, but there's going to be a man/woman who fits your criteria. They will be so put together for you that you'll wake up with them and feel like you're still dreaming. This is the biggest reason to keep that person. Every time I turn around I hear of highly sexually active people getting test all the time, switching up birth control pills to ensure they won't get pregnant, and getting pregnant by one-night stands because the condom broke. However, none of that matters if you stick with your significant other who you always feel content around never upsets you.

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