Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everyone Thinks They Can Read Your Mind (RWL)

Yesterday I went to the mall with a friend. While there we browsed different stores. Neither of us were really looking to spend money, because we didn't really have any to spend. However, it was nice to be out because all of the stress had started to get to me. 

While checking through stores we talked about job searching. It was the  last thing I needed to talk about since it is my biggest stressor, but it was the topic of conversation. We both talked about our efforts and where we were applying. Then my friend brought up something that pissed me off. It made me so mad that I voiced my opinions on her statement without even thinking. What she said was her mom thought we were spending too much time trying to have fun and not even thinking about getting a job. 


(I actually bought a shirt with those letters on it. Pictures of the shirt are coming tomorrow.)

Those words pissed me off so much because her mom has no idea what efforts I'm taking. Her mom also doesn't know what goes through my mind every second. Just like my parents, her mom is trying to jump to judgments that she knows absolutely nothing about. However, her mom reminded me of an important fact in the real world.

Everyone thinks they can read your mind even if they have no idea. 

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