Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kanye West's Runaway Review

Lately there's been speculation that Kanye West might be involved in Illuminati, but he decided to prove the rumors wrong in his movie "Runaway," which premiered October 23, 2010. Instead of being involved in devil worshiping (or whatever Illuminati is supposed to be) West proved to the world (or at least the BET audience) that he is purely crazy.

See the movie "Runaway" is about a man (Kanye West) who makes a phoenix that falls to earth his girlfriend. It actually hurts my head to try to explain what I watched.

On the bright side, West made sure to have his music throughout the movie. Plus, that weird picture he tweeted about recently makes sense. The movie, however, does not.

1 comment :

  1. That film was GREAT. u just gotta look at things a little differently and u will see how really Kanye is doin. HE crazy. But who isnt?

    AND he got errebody on 2 networks to WATCH his crazy is that?

    I wish I could get THAT many people to read my blog lol.