Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Omarion, Raz B., and Some Other Stars No One's Talking About

I was browsing blogs earlier when I saw this video...

It's an intense video. Apparently Raz B., formerly of B2K, is arguing with Marques Houston after he heard that Omarion was going around claiming he was bi-polar. From the video it may seem as if Raz B. is bi-polar, but the story gets deeper.

In the video Raz B. mentions having sexual relations with Marques Houston when he was underage. Years ago he along with another singer, Quindon Tarver, came public with allegations that they were raped while underage.  Tarver eventually settled with Houston out of court.

Many people are going to look at this video and think Raz B. is just crazy, but I believe his allegations. I also believes he's bi-polar and molestation may have been the cause of his illness. However, he's not the only one suffering. According to Necolebitchie.com Tarver is scarred for life and feeling bad about the fact that he never took his case to court.

To read the full story and the letter Tarver sent to Necolebitchie.com click here.

These are the men of our future, our supposed husbands, the ultimate money makers, the providers... I just wish other men would stop fucking them up mentally.


  1. Wow...Marques Houston is a butt boy...not surprised. Now the statutory rape charge that is unexpected. I guess my taunt of B2Gay was even more accurate than I thought.

  2. Molested does not equal gay and Marques Houston wasn't in B2K