Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reasons For First Date Sex According To....

I saw these on I'm not a fan of first date sex, but these are interesting and funny.

10 Highly Thought Out Reasons To Justify First Date Sex
  • On your birthday – first date sex is totally acceptable on your birthday.
  • You’re out of town - it is universally known that you can totally get freaky if you’re in a different state.
  • The person you slept with is from a different state. It’s called hospitality.
  • You just broke up – you were angry, pissed and felt like there was no other way to get back at your ex.
  • You were drunk. It’s still acceptable to simply blame it on the al al alcohol.
  • You’ve been chatting online for a long time. Then technically it’s not really afirst date even though it’s the first time you’ve seen each other in person.
  • When you knew the person in a different season of your life and you randomly reunite. Even if you haven’t talked in years it’s totally cool to do them.
  • When you’re in college. This is the time when you’re supposed to sow your royal oats. You get a least 2 or 3 of these for each college year. Use it, make em count.
  • If you’re feeling them. If you went on a date, and totally hit it off with a person. I’m talking about one of those A plus plus dates. Give up the goods.
  • Because you like their car. Well this probably isn’t acceptable, but I’m sure it has happened on more than one occasion to more than one person reading this right now so in order to make you feel better. It’s okay too.

My advice is if you're horny and caught up in the moment have sex, but protect yourself.

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