Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Real Housewives Of Atlanta: The Drama That Still Excites Me

Last night like millions of other people, I tuned into the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was ready for some craziness and craziness was handed to me. However, some things stood out more than others.

First of all, I was in awe when Kandi mentioned the fact that she let Kim make profit from all of the money that the lame song known as "Don't Be Tardy For The Party" made. That's over $600,000 for those of you that didn't watch. That's a lot of money to just ignore.

As big of a deal as Kandi tried to be, NeNe overshadowed her with more drama. NeNe's drama surrounds her marriage, which this second season is portraying as almost over. I feel sorry for her. I want to see every marriage work out, unless one of the participants is getting abused.

 NeNe's son managed to get his shine on during the show too. His drama involved getting in trouble with the law. Actually he went to visit his friend in jail and had marijuana in his pocket. (Who takes drugs to the jail house?) Then he told his mom he felt she was too strict on him. Obviously he doesn't know strict.

The second new housewife, Cynthia Bailey, was introduced on this episode. All I have to say is she's very beautiful.

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