Friday, October 29, 2010

New Music (Lyricist Lounge)

Yesterday while watching 106 and Park I discovered that Kandi has a music video for her "Leave You" song. The only problem is I can't find the video online. However, I did find other music videos that are new and I love.

First off, there's Nelly's song "Move That Body." I recently read comments where someone was saying that Nelly new songs sound like they were meant for years ago, but I like them. He's fitting it to what people want to hear.

Diamond also has a new song out called "Lotta Money." I used to think she was an underground artist, but she's not anymore. Her song has been on the 106 and Park count for at least a week now.

As soon as I find the video to Kandi's song it will get posted.

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