Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Star Barbie To Look Up To (Joy Daily)

(From now on whenever I reference a woman that I really think is making a difference she'll be a five star Barbie. After all every woman is a Barbie in her own way).

Earlier today a friend called me to tell me about a journalist she had just heard about. She thought it was important for me to know about this woman because my aspirations are similar to what this woman is doing. After hearing about this woman, Joy Daily, I jumped on the internet to look her up.

Joy Daily is known as "The Multi Media Internet Diva." She's a journalist, filmmaker, public speaker, and full time blogger who graduated from Temple University with a broadcast communications degree. She started off her career in New York at WNYX Fox 5 reporting and interviewing people in the entertainment industry. Since then Daily has utilized many of her skills and picked up new skills such as modeling.

After reading her biography I couldn't help but be attracted to her successfulness. She's definitely someone I'm going to keep an eye on and hopefully work with one day.

To check her out go to

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