Sunday, October 10, 2010

Starting Life Over (Letting The Bad Girl In Me Out)

Check goal #1 in my goals section

I've had a car and been learning how to drive for a month now. The only thing left to do before taking the test is learn how to parallel park. However, this post is not about my driving practice. It's about me and the road combining and having some fun.

It all happened on Thursday. I was craving some candy, so I decided to go to Walgreens. Walgreens is right around the corner, so it wasn't so bad. However, upon leaving Walgreens I didn't want to go home. I felt like if I went back home I would hit my boredom point and do something like kill myself. Of course some people think getting in a car without a license is risk-taking too, but I'd rather die by car accident than at my own hands. 

Anyway, from Walgreen I decided to hit up one of the busy streets in my city, Hwy 90/Main St. Getting on the road was scary at first. There were so many cars and they all seemed to go fast. The fear only lasted a second because I've discovered I like speed. I drove at the seem speed as the other cars and made sure to drive safely at the same time. The street was fun, but then I decided to turn onto another street. I kept driving until I found myself in the heart of Houston. There were Houston buses, lots of fast food restaurants, and lots of  other cars. I didn't even know where I was anymore, but I was in heaven. 

I could have turned around after getting lost, but I didn't. I kept driving until I found the Beltway. Then from the Beltway I headed home. The thing about the whole experience is it was great. I was out of the house and wasn't on anyone else's time. The day was mines and I was sharing the road. Sharing the road is a lot better than an empty parking lot. Plus, I was letting letting the bad girl that's trapped inside of me out. I was on the road with only a restricts. 

(Don't worry though. I'm almost ready for the test. I just have to get parallel parking down.)

When my dad asked me about the extent of my driving I told him I just hopped on Hwy 90/Main St. and turned around. He didn't need to know everything. In fact this is a secret between me, the streets of Houston, and whoever reads this post. 

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