Thursday, October 21, 2010

When A Man Shows As Much Interest...

When a man shows as much interest in a woman as she is showing him, he becomes even more attractive. It's just too bad that men are slacking in the interest department.

True Story

Men are willing to wait by the phone for women to call.
Men won't pick up the phone to call or text until a woman has called and text them 5 million times.
They are willing for women to pay for the dates.
They are willing to ask women what took them so long to call.
They are willing to act shy about seeing women even after they've been introduced to a woman's parents.
They are willing to cut contact with women off as soon as they meet another one. (It's almost as if they feel they'd be cheating just from friendly conversation.)
Men won't compliment (unless they are trying to add a sexual undertone to the conversation).

I'm guilty of settling for all of the above from men. Actually sometimes I even like it when a man is waiting for me to call him. I used to purposely get phone numbers without giving mines out right away. However, one thing I do know is when a man does call, text, pay for dates, ask a million questions, give a million compliments, want to start off as friends and then escalate to more, and just plainly show as much interest as a woman is showing, than man becomes even more attractive than before.

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