Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Art of Thirst #PhotographyAddict

The thirst is real. Recently Meek Mill and Elle Varner were seen in an Instagram a photo together. It is currently posted on both of their pages at this moment. Actually there's another photo where you can see others in the background, such as entertainment blogger Karen Civil some drama came from the one with just the two of them.

The story goes that Elle Varner once curved Meek, so the caption on the photo says #nocurvezone for Meek's photo. The messiness of the picture involves K. Michelle. She was upset upon seeing the photo for a reason we may never know, but that doesn't matter. 

I went to glance at the messiness over the weekend and a comment jumped right at me. Someone by the name of @_wildcat_14 responded to a person by the name of @cakesssssss and said "Shut your dumbass up @cakesssssss if I wanna suck Meek's dick, Imma sick his dick." Listen, the thirst is so real. 

I've thought about making a photography blog, but the test is going to come this month. I'm using this blog to see how many different ways I can be creative with photos. For this post it's clear that's a screenshot, but screenshots are photos too. 

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