Thursday, July 3, 2014

Inspiration From The Texas Immigration Issue

A 10 year old traveled from Guatemala to Texas on his own. That's 29 hours if you're driving. It's a Hell of a lot longer if you're moving by foot. Like many others this child came across by shear determination. When asked how he survived, he said he drank the river water. While he has made it safely and is now residing with family, his journey is amazing and inspirational for the rest of us.

Lately I've been trying to figure out how to get to blogging conferences. More importantly I've been trying to figure out how to pay for the conferences since I'm one of those millions of people living paycheck to paycheck. Getting caught up in the how's and when's of planning anything remotely important can be the start of a roadblock. It gets stressful. However as I caught the news the other night this reminded me of how important it is to just do more than sit around and think.

Not everyone has survived the journey to getting across the border into the U.S. Not everyone that has come across has had a bright ending like the 10 year old boy that was featured on the 10p.m. news. But they've tried and many more are trying.

This reminds me of The Gift Giver. That 10 year old has the gift of strength and the gift of reminder. He's reminding me to continue the journey. Maybe you need this reminder to.
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