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(EXCLUSIVE) Author Obsession Talks About Her Book Pleasure Palace

Author Obsession answers exclusive questions for www.searchingformystar.com about her book Pleasure Palace, the first one in the Please Me series.

How far does a friend go to show how jealous they are of the life you have? What kind of extreme ideas will people come up with to test a couple’s love for each other? Telling soul mates to have sex with strangers before the wedding to prove their commitment to each other? Using a sex club called Pleasure Palace to put the plan together? Trying to think of other ways to sabotage their wedding? 

Obsession lays it all out in Pleasure Palace so well, that I had to ask her some exclusive questions about the book, what she would do in certain situations presented in the book and what’s to follow in the Please Me series.

If a guy approached you and you thought his friend was cute, would you curve him for his friend?
 Yes I would; I've done that before.

Would you be okay with the love of your life sexing someone else?
 No, I'm stingy! What's mine is mine!

Which character do you think you have the most in common with? Why?
 Chassidy. I tried to suppress my inner freak in fear of being frowned upon, until one I decided to be who I was completely. 

Pleasure Palace gets very steamy. How did you come up with the sex rooms?
 I came up with the cocktale bar because I think it would be dope to be able to choose a man from a menu like a drink or a meal. The Suction room steamed from my love for oral sex; I like to give and receive. Passion Pit is how I view orgies. Sexercise is actual exercise, I just turned it into a competition. The E.R came About with me just messing around with the letters, and with me being as mannish as I am, I came up with that lol. The sticky came from thinking, that's the state the kitty cat is supposed to be left in after being feasted on. 

Which room would you want to spend the night in? 
The Passion Pit

Pleasure Palace is based off of a couple with friends that are jealous of their relationship. Have any of your former friends been jealous of you? 
Yes, but not because of a relationship I was in. 

Could you ever handle a friend sabotaging an important event in your life? Why?
 Betrayal & disloyalty are deal breakers in friendships for me. I'd still be cordial, but they couldn't be apart of my world anymore. 

What kind of advice would you give someone going through a similar situation?
 Forgive & move on. That kind of negative energy should have no place in your life. 

Describe what it would be like to be in the same room as your best friends as you all had sex.
 Weird, but interesting. I'd be uncomfortable at first, but the erotic creature within would take over. I would watch every move & listen to every sound. 

Before the sex club is suggested Xavier says he doesn’t bowl because other people stick their feet in the shoes. How would you convince a friend to do something wilder than what they initially disagreed with?
People won't sit on public toilets, but will have raw sex with a complete stranger. People won't drink behind another person, but eat random coochie & suck random tallywags everyday. When it comes to sex, people tend to make exceptions.  

There's been a debate about women asking men to marry them. However, in Pleasure Palace it's clear that two of the friends have a strong sexual chemistry from the beginning. If a woman is strongly sexually attracted to a man is it okay for her to make the first move? Why? 
It's only okay for either of them to make the move if the feeling is mutual. Some men do like women who take the initiative to make a pass or what not; they like to feel wanted just like us women do. 

Are you brave enough to ask for sex from a man? 
Please, you're talking to Obsession. If he's my man I'm not asking, I'm taking! I don't ask for what's mines. 

This is just your first book in the Please Me series. What can we expect in the next book? 
I'm writing a short story series to go along with the book called, "The Please Me" series. It will consist of 4 stories: "They call it King: the book of Aleric" "Insatiable Beast: the book of Eden" "11 1/2 inches: the book of Savior" & "Jaw Dropper: the book of Elation" these stories will not only give some back ground on my favorite pleasers but will have them battling for a spot next to Eden on the throne in Pleasure Palace.

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