Monday, July 7, 2014

Tulsa Police Positive Man In Coma Committed Eight Rapes

This is straight of a Law & Order episode. Then again, maybe it's from a Lifetime movie. Usually when a man is accused of a committing a crime, he's alert enough to either defend himself or admit to his madness. That is not the case in Tulsa, OK though.

Days ago Desmond La'don Campbell was identified as the serial rapist that raped seven women in June. However, he was not awake to defend himself and cannot currently be arrested because he's in a coma. They found him in a horrible car accident. However, Police Chief Chuck Jordan has already told Tulsa citizens they can breathe a sigh of relief. Campbell is also being investigated for an 8th rape.

Although he hasn't been charged the police department claims to have DNA evidence connecting him to crimes and he has a criminal past. Years ago he confessed to trying to kidnap a woman and ended up doing 6 years of a 10 year prison sentence. This part explains why his Facebook profile was created back in April.

His very first Facebook post says, "Finally free and lovin it."

The part of this case that was really confusing when I first heard about it was the original sketch of the serial killer. The drawing is of a middle aged white man. Desmond Campbell is a 30-year old black man. The last description of the rapist also doesn't match up to his physique, which doesn't make sense. After some research I found out that residents were reporting anyone that knocked on their doors as the potential rapists. In the original news story of the sketch a white man knocks on a door, a little girl peeks out the window, and then she gives a description to the police as the potential rapist. She never opened the door and the man walked away after no one answered.
I desperately want Campbell to come out of this coma and defend himself. There are too many unanswered questions. First if you look at his Facebook page it seems like he was adjusting to societal life. He had a job, some friends, pets, and pictures. He captions several pictures as one point by saying, "Just so you don't forget what I look like." Then the last victim described the rapist as a think light skin black male around 5'8. He's taller and not thin. Also, he was already in the coma when police offers identified him as their guy. A man in a coma can't talk, so...

Do you find this as strange as I do? I'm not defending a rapist by the way. I'm just a curious writer.

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