Wednesday, July 2, 2014

(FDB) Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong

FDB. If you're a Hip Hop fan you already know what that means.

As the 2014 feminist movement gets stronger, more marriage proposals are happening. They're not done by men though. Women everywhere are becoming brave enough to get down on their knees and do more than give a blow job. They are proposing.

It's not the traditional romantic proposals either. Getting a date out of a man in this decade is hard enough. Getting him to stay consistent is even harder. So as far as preparing for that walk down the aisle, we might as well not wait for the perfect opportunity to ask. One woman recently did a group trip to the club with her friends and her man by her side. They even had a V.I.P area for a little privacy.

Even with a private area that floor had to be filthy, but she didn't care. She had on all white, but took a moment from having fun to pull out that special ring she had bought.

Her dude was obviously too busy enjoying his Ciroc, or Patron. It definitely wasn't Grey Goose, because he wasn't hyped up at all over what was going. He had on his white collard shirt and pink tailored pants and probably even had his nails manicured. Watch how he holds that drink when she bends down to the ground.

So she asks him to marry her. He doesn't say yes or no. He doesn't stop sipping his drink. He just smiles a little and stays seated. She grabs free hand and slides the ring on his finger. He waves it for the camera and she yanks him off the couch for a hug. He never planned to get up.

All the while FDB by Young Dro is playing.

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