Monday, July 7, 2014

Nature Unbothered #PhotographyAddict

During a hot day there's nothing better than a pretty waterfall. It creates the dessert illusion. It's so hot any sight of water is wonderful.

So there I was driving to nowhere in particular when I saw extraordinary water near apartment complexes. I found somewhere to park and decided to take a picture. I took the pictures in the parking lot where I was instead of getting closer the where the water was. I snapped and snapped and then looked at the images. Directly in front of me was uncut grass.

The uncut grass belonged to an elementary school that clearly had not been entered since school was out. With the children no vacation, no one bothers to keep the school up or the area surrounding the school. Just realizing it makes you feel itchy, but nature doesn't care. Nature is doing what it does best when no one is bothering it.

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