Friday, July 4, 2014

A Blogger's Life Revolves Around You #PhotographyAddict

This should have been written for Throwback Thursday. I wasn't a blogger in this picture. Instead I was a busy journalism student. My phone stayed in my hand. My hand stayed jumping from the computer to the television screen. For Real!

 I had a professor who only gave three tests in the whole couple months of his class. The tests involved 10 topics from the news. None of us in the class ever knew what 10 topics would be chosen or where they would come from. That meant watching everything from local news to CNN. That also meant reading tons of newspapers and trying to remember the little details as well as the big ones. At that point I should have known that a journalist's life revolves around everyone else.

Well, a journalist stops her (or his) life to write a compelling story. A blogger stops her (or his) life to write about the latest story to hit the internet streets. A PR person stops her (or his) life to clean up the latest person's mess. Well, PR people put out a little bit of everything. No matter what form of media we are in, it's all about whoever we're talking about. It's all about knowing what is going on with everyone.

This was taken during the 2014 BET Awards.

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