Monday, July 14, 2014

(Texas Music) Q. Guyton, A Few Songs From His Reduction Mixtape

Ain't Nobody Fresher. Well, at least that's what Rapper Q. Guyton is saying as he promotes his new mixtape, Reduction.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing this artist perform. Dressed in some jeans and a white tee that stated "Ain't Nobody 99 Fresher," he owned the stage as if he was performing in a full club.

The club had the most of 20 people in it, but Guyton made sure to let everyone know to pick up his free mixtape. At one point he stated that he put his heart into it, so I of course had to grab it. Q. Guyton is definitely worth listening to. Below are a few of songs off Reduction. Check them out.

It's also clear that Guyton is more than a rapper. He's a man of many talents. His site contains several mix tapes, clothing that can be purchased, and was designed by him.

You can find him on twitter at @theqguyton and instagram @QGFresh.

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