Wednesday, July 9, 2014

15 Things Young Black Men Should Know

Usually when you go looking for something you find it, right? Since getting off work and seeing another rape case that teens are on twitter joking about, I've been upset. No, I haven't just been upset. I've been thinking of ways this can be changed.

I'm always thinking of ways to change what is messed up. At a certain point in life I didn't start to love writing because writers are just the coolest people. I didn't have plans to network with all the bloggers and journalists that would actually pay attention. I wanted to get the attention of the people that don't like to read. I wanted to get the attention of the ones who don't already know they should care. That's a hard challenge for anyone to put on themselves, but to this day I still do it. If I can get one non-reader to read I've accomplished a goal. If I can get two of them to pay attention, I've hit the lottery.

Well, this particular post isn't about who I've gotten to pay attention. It's about another person who is reaching out and trying to change the perspective of younger folks. His name is Jereme Ford, he's an author, and makes inspirational videos. Unlike other males he's not trying to convince a woman of how she needs to act to get the perfect man. Instead his advice is for men. Check out the video below as he motivates his nephew with advice needed in life and advice on women.
The advice sounds so simple, but just scroll through what the latest tweets of a teenage boy. They need to hear this.

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