Thursday, July 24, 2014

If I Hear #BAPS One More Time...

B.A.P.'s is a classic 90's film about two women who leave the hood in an attempt to be dancers for Heavy D. However, they get mixed up in a money scheme involving a rich old white man who was once in love with a black woman. In the movie they wear more weave than Beyonce has worn in her whole career, dress to definitely stand out, and show the world just what ghetto women are supposed to act like. On top of it all the old white man in the movie nicknamed them Black American Princesses, which we til this day refer to as BAPs. There was nothing classy about this movie, so decades later no one could be using the term to describe themselves, right? Wrong.

There's a group of women in St. Louis, Missouri who call themselves BAPs. They are supposed to be part of an elite society, but no one who watched the first episode knew who any of these ladies were. With the exception of one natural haired woman, the rest of the women rocked the worst weaves they could possibly find. Not everyone looks good with a blonde weave in their head, but these women tried anyway. These women argued, said they were better than each other, called each other friends, and continually referred to themselves as BAPs, although it's nothing to be proud of.

Halle Berry has even pretended the movie away, so why would this group of women want to keep the phrase alive? I blame all the people who were mad at Zendaya initially getting the Aaliyah role. While people were busy boycotting Zendaya and trying to shut down the biopic, Lifetime slipped this mess right on past us and into the lineup.

This was my first and last episode though. I can't do this.

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