Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Happens To The Horror Characters After The Movie Ends?

She was the lone survivor. Her initial bouncy hair had turned lifeless and dirty. From her shirt, to her jacket, blue jeans, and working boots, she was all covered in blood. The situation didn't look good at all. Where were her classmates? What happened to the teacher? The neighbor's body couldn't even be found. However, the smell of death was everywhere. The police couldn't figure any of it out. She wanted to attempt to explain it, so she spit it all out hoping the crazy look on her face didn't deter them from believing her. She was in fact traumatized.

It all started as a punishment. Instead of sitting in a classroom after school, the detention teacher had a better idea. The students would clean up an abandoned farm. None of them liked farms, so they absolutely hated the idea of what was ahead. However, their hatred couldn't match what would actually happen. A killer scarecrow would be dug up from the ground killing each person one by one. Once it started no one could stop it. What she would learn halfway through the experience was that the scarecrow only wanted her. The best escape was on a boat, but scarecrow had even gotten to the boat-keeper. In order to get the full story you'll have to watch the movie Scarecrow.

After telling what happened, the police stared at her. Some of them had heard the legend of the killer scarecrow, but none actually believed it. Some felt pity because they knew the next move would be to arrest her. After all, eight people had died. So one stepped forward and began to read her rights to her.  And that is how it ended. She was able to get rid of the scarecrow, but she was punished for everyone's death. A new nightmare was awaiting her.

I always wonder what happens to the characters of the horror movies that don't have part 2's. For instance so many people died in Scarecrow, but did they believe the girl's story of a killer scarecrow coming after her? Plus, remember The Happening? It was a movie about how the government somehow caused a series of events to happen that left most of the town dead. Right before it was over one guy was so afraid of it killing everyone her did it himself. He killed everyone in the car. That had to be super traumatizing. How did he get past that? How did the town recover? Too bad no one likes M. Night Shyamalan because I'd love to see a part 2 to that movie.

There are also so many other movies that leave unanswered questions. Even if the killers are fake and the budget is only so big, they could at least leave us with an ending storyline. For instance although Carrie died in the movie, her half sister survived after killing all her classmates. Where did she go into hiding at? Did her powers finally cease once she gained a new identity? Do you ever wonder these things?


  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I made up what happens after the movie ends.

  2. You know I never thought of it! I'm utterly hopeless at horror movies. I live in a 100+ year old house and I don't need any spooky movies...