Monday, July 7, 2014

Kanye West Thinks Everybody Is A Star

Whenever Kanye West gives a performance, you can expect a rant to go along with it now. For some people that's bad, but then are those of us that look forward to the wise words that comes out of Kanye's mouth. He's not as crazy as people make him out to be and that was a part of his recent rant. He also half told and half sang to the audience about how everyone is a star.

"You know people be looking at me like I got a problem with something. Like I'm so uncontrollable or something, like I don't do what I'm supposed to do or something; you know. Its like they wanna uhh, they wanna have everybody so brainwashed. They wanna control everybody but, you know rumors, lies, media, marketing. Its like they wanna steal you from you and sell you back to you after they stole it. They wanna make you feel like you less than who you really are."
Watch the rest of the rant below.
Yeezy's rant came at the perfect time. Lately I've noticed how a lot of so-called fans are really trying to control the people they look up to. For instance since the huge social media rants and petition came out about Blue Ivy's hair Beyonce and Jay-Z have been keeping it in neat Afro puffs. Rich people didn't make that happen.

Kanye also mentions how they crush your dreams. A recent example of this is the white girl who guest blogged for Black women were so angered by a white woman calling her hair natural that they were ready to get the site shut down. Quite a few dedicated writers, editors, and readers have been insulted in this process. Ebony even got thrown in the mix when a guest blogger wrote an opinionated piece on the discussion. We all have our struggles and no one should be insulted for their struggle because others don't think they fit the description.

The biggest message in this rant was about believing in yourself. Kanye mentioned how all he's ever done was believe in himself and this is true. For many of us, all we have is the strength to believe in ourselves but someone will always try to kill our vision.

For the first time I am convinced that I need to go to be at once of his concerts. What did you think of this latest rant?

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