Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be A Grown-Up And Claim Your Actions (Reality TV Inspired)

"I'm flawed, but I'm solid"-- Chrissy, Jim Jones Girlfriend

It's your life. Claim your every action. Monday I watched the "Love And Hip Hop" reunion. The minute the reunion started there was arguing, people walking off the stage, and missing engagement rings. That reunion show represented the whole season. Chrissy stuck to the fact that she was a flawed, but strong woman. I even loved how she showed off those clearly worn Christian Luis Vuittons. Emily did not deny her weakness when it came to men like Fabolous. Olivia and Somaya were defensive, like they always are. While they did not hide their really dramatic lives, so many people do. There are so many people, who when caught in what many might call an ugly light, always want to deny that they act a certain way.

An example is Tamar Braxton. Recently Tamar did an interview and claimed she wasn't the way she is portrayed on television. She tried to convince the reporter that she does let others take charge and she does love her husband. However, on television she always loud, defensive, bossy, and mean. She admits that she thinks all men, except Barack Obama, are cheaters and she doesn't support any of her sister's marriage. Rewind, if Tamar says on television that all men are cheaters, why should we believe that she's happy in her marriage? Exactly, television doesn't change a person.

Tamar wasn't the only person who started this recent denial of who you are. The first person to start it was NeNe Leakes of "Real Housewives Of Atlanta." Ever since NeNe first appeared on television she's been drama-filled and she actually got worse. NeNe is a mean girl, but in a recent interview with a radio station she yelled about how she is not a mean girl. You can't argue that you're nice by acting exactly as people think you are (unless that's your personality.

Okay, maybe for the first 15 minutes (of fame of course) a reality star might fake it.For example Hoopz, Shaquille O'Neal's current girlfriend. Do you remember her on Flava Flav's reality show? However, soon you forget the cameras are there and you start being yourself. It's the same way people act in their everyday lives. If I'm stressed, go to a club, get completely drunk, and do some regrettable things I'm not going to say it's not my personality. I'll admit that I do go overboard when under pressure.

You should admit it too. Admit that you're shy in certain situations if that's you. Admit that you are crazy or rude if you are put in an uncomfortable place. Don't deny who you are. Be a grown-up and claim your actions.

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