Thursday, May 5, 2011

He Has A Girlfriend, But.../ Intellectual Question

He's still thinking about me. He didn't tell me he had a girlfriend. My best friend and of course Facebook let me know. However, that doesn't matter. At one point we were in the same area, but now we live in two different states. Yet, he still thinks about me but it's not just simply what I do that is on his mind.

See, this guy is a friend of a friend. He talked me into hanging out with him over the summer of 2010. My friend did not talk bad about him, but she didn't encourage me to see him either. That made me curious about him. I gave him a chance and all we did was watch movies at his house. There was nothing special to it. He was even the shy type. His shyness made me nervous, so I was quiet as well. There were several times after our first movie night that he called me again. I always wondered why. The chemistry just wasn't there.

Of course I found out without wanting to know. Recently he wrote me on Facebook. His mind was clearly in the gutter. He started off by telling me I must be a freak. His reasoning was because I'm always up late at night. I was caught off guard because my mind wasn't on sex at first. He then started telling me about how he is curious about my sex skills. He even told me that he tried to come onto me sexually, but I didn't go for it. Now even though we are not in the same place anymore, he still wishes he could have had sex with me.

So he never did anything special. All we did was go watch movies at his house. Yet he is wondering why I did not go to his sexual advances. Does that even have to be answered? Then he has a girlfriend on top of it. Shouldn't she be on his mind?

Actually the girlfriend doesn't matter. The real question is... if he did absolutely nothing special to even make me comfortable, why would he think I would have sex with him.

Granted there are many girls who have sex for nothing, but it did not start that way. Some guy had to really convince some girl that his lameness was not important and the sex would be worth it.

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