Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Keeping Your T-Shirt And Panties On During Sex

Coming From A Sexual Intellectual Amateur
I think I learned something new today. According to Blogxilla Adina Howard's song "T-Shirt And Panties On" was about keeping your panties on during sex. All a man has to do is pull the panties to the side and insert. I always thought it was about looking sexy in a t-shirt and some panties. However, as women we tend to put a lot of thought in the underwear that we put on. And our underwear is not always the most expensive (meaning it may tear easily). So would you leave your t-shirt and panties on during sex? (Remember good sex will make you sweat)

On second thought Blogxilla was probably misinformed. Listen to Adina Howard's song  below.

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