Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dark Girls Documentary: Another Reason For Dark Skinned Black Women To Hate Their Skin Tone

The first time I realized there was a problem with my dark complexion was in college. I was surrounded by people who constantly discussed the issue of skin tone. There were light skinned black people and mixed black people who thought they were better than people with dark skin. I even met a person who preferred light skinned women over dark skinned women. He should  have never told me that. Okay, I didn't exactly think there was a problem with my skin tone. However, it did force me to pay more attention to how people treated dark skinned black women.
 Since leaving college my skin tone stopped becoming such an issue. Instead the focus landed on my ghetto name (Lashuntrice), my resume (or lack of information on it), and my lack of having a man. After a certain age it gets harder to get into a really good relationship. However, recently I was reminded that being dark skinned is still a huge problem in the African American community with a documentary.

The documentary is called "Dark Girls" and in it women talk about their horrible feelings of having dark skin. Watch below.

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

What do you think about this documentary. Whether you're dark or light or even white, how do you feel about your complexion?

P.S. I liked a light skinned guy at one point. Well, he had originally approached me. Everything was cool until I found out his ex-girlfriend was Asian. Things weren't really serious with him. I sometimes wondered if it was because of my skin tone. Again, that was that college environment and yes, I was at an HBCU, which made it worse. If I wouldn't have been in that environment it probably wouldn't have been a problem. Or would it have? BTW he never knew this.

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