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Single Fathers/Baby Daddy's Get No Love

Single Fathers/Baby Daddy's Get No Love
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Single  fathers and baby daddy's get no love. But wait, arent' they the same thing. Baby daddy's are the trifling men who leave their baby mother's to raise their kids. They rarely look back to see if the kids are receiving enough love or financial support. Single fathers, on the other hand, take the responsibility that mothers don't want. The mothers abandon the children and fathers, so these fathers feel obligated to provide their children with love as they grow up. They really are two different kinds of men, but years ago I decided they were the same kind and they would get no love.

There's something about a man with a child that has always made me nervous. Well, nervous is the wrong word. I've always been cautious of a man with kids for many reasons. One reason is if that man can get woman one pregnant and leave her, it could happen to me too.

Another reason is probably illogical. I've always thought of young men with kids as careless. I use the word careless because there's condoms and questions. I say questions because a man knows how to ask a woman if she's on birth control. Then there is also the morning after pill. While that pill is expensive, a man knows how to offer to buy it if the condom breaks or now condom is used. However, I could see if that man was in a long term relationship or even married to the woman he got pregnant. But when a man just has a kid out of the blue and he's been single for a while, I always assume something is wrong with him. Okay, I'm lying a little. I'd even question why the man left his baby momma after being with her so long.

The biggest reason I've always tried to avoid men with kids was because of my birth dad. That man has way too many kids and he never even had to pay child support. The craziest part was since he did not have to pay any kind of support, he also offered no support. He abandoned all of his children, except the ones he had with the woman he married. Well, he didn't totally abandon us. I saw him a couple years ago and he asked me when I was going to have his second grandchild. My older sister became the victim of a dead-beat baby daddy. Now do you see why I've had this logic?

This probably sounds a little mean, so I'll add this. I do give single fathers love. I stopped rejecting single fathers three years ago when I met a man name Christian. Oops, I mentioned his name. He was two and a half years younger than me and his baby momma had not given birth yet. Honestly, I did reject him but not because of the beautiful little girl he has. I rejected him because he is the unstable type. He drops out of college every semester and quits smoking every two weeks. Plus, he only quits because he runs out of money. It's funny, but at the same time it's not. He's a cool friend though. The reason I could tolerate him having a kid was because his baby momma is ten years older than him. Well I'm older than him too, but it was clear that she just wanted to have a child. The fact that he's a good father is a plus too.

So, historically single fathers/baby daddy's have gotten no love, but in recent years my opinion has changed a  little. However, I still won't do them all. If you're a single father or baby daddy you have to have a really good excuse for not being with your baby momma.

What about you all? Would you date a man with kids? Men, would you date a woman with kids?

(P.S. I used the picture, because kid or no kid, 50 Cent used to be the sexiest man.)

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