Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Having The Title Of Blogger Brings On Extra Attention, Nicole Hardesty's Story

Having the title of blogger can attract more attention than you want to have. At least that is what's happening with Nicole Hardesty. Ms. Hardesty is the author http://thesingleyear.com. On her blog she documents her year of being single on purpose. So far her single year has been filled with lots of drama until recently. 

As of now her year is going okay. She's enjoying being by herself, except there is one new problem. Men are talking to her for the simple fact that they want 15 minutes of fame. They think they can get attention for simply being mentioned on her blog. She can actually describe it better than me. Check out her latest blog post, which was done in video format. 

If you were a blogger and others were trying to use you for a moment in the spotlight, how would you handle it? I'd probably let some of them shine. 

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