Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Man Can Easily Get Married, But A Woman....

I was talking to a friend yesterday about men. We started discussing how we would be mad if certain men we knew got married any time soon. She said one guy's name and talked about how he and her were supposed to get married and have cats (in her mind). Apparently he owns a cat and treats it like his child. Anyway, she mentioned how men can easily get married, but women can want to get married and never go through with it. It's a very sad truth.

Whether he's ugly, has gold teeth, is a wanna-be rapper, the janitor at your former high school, looks like William from the show "Girlfriends," or is super fine when he wants to get married he can go through with it. A man can find a woman to marry anywhere. However, a woman can start dreaming about marriage at five years old, but never go through with it.

Why? Maybe as women we set our standards so high that we end up setting ourselves up for failure (no wedding ring). Maybe it's because we settle for the man who only wants to shack up, get us pregnant, and abandon us. It could also be because we're insecure. I've heard men say that insecure women turn them off. The biggest reason I think we have this predicament is because we live in a man's world.

The man has to propose, unless we want to end up asking a man where his engagement ring is every five seconds (Chrissy and Jim Jones). As women we're conditioned to be ready for happily ever after, but a man has to make the final decision that it's time. Well, unless your significant other is the same sex as you but that's a whole different story. Ultimately a man can do it because he won't look desperate. As women we will if we beg, plead, and give ultimatums.

A man has to sweep us off his feet and any man can easily propose. It's a fact that we women have to live with. As women we also have to pray that some man easily decides that he's ready to get married so we don't end up being 60 years old and alone.

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