Wednesday, March 7, 2012

$170 Sneakers, Why Not Buy?

$170 Sneakers?!?!?! Yeah, I bought them.

When I left the house it was nice and sunny outside. By the time I finished sitting and eating crawfish in a cold restaurant, the temperature had started to drop. It wasn't cold though. It was still sunny, but a breeze had formed from out of nowhere. The wind was strong enough to blow me away. The best way to fight it was with a light jacket, something not in my possession. However, there was no going back home for a jacket. If I would have went back home, the trip to the mall would have never happened. The determination would have went into some deep dark place and later formed into guilt for not following my heart.

My heart was saying go shop for some sneakers. Yes, I'm 4'10 but this short chick loves some cute comfortable shoes. The trip was on. Once at the mall I became focused. One sneaker store didn't have anything that stood out. This girl (me) does not search for shoes. The shoes instead jump out and whisper to me in a sexy voice saying dirty words that only a fine man can come up with. I left the store and there was another sneaker store close. I think it was Finish Line. This store was a winner.

The moment I stepped in there were whispers everywhere.

One shoe said "Bitch, I'll be your sexy little whore."

 That wasn't the shoe for me though.

Another said "Hey pretty girl, you may not have found the man of your dreams but you can look good with me.We can do some things together."

I eyed that one for a while.

The last one wasn't really naughty. It spoke to me in a nice way. It said "You'll love me and I'll get you compliments.

I eyed it and then picked up the both shoes. The third choice was more expensive than the second. I tried both on. They both fit, which drove me crazy. The choice became harder.

What won me over was the fact that the more expensive pick was there for a limited time. According to the sales lady, they were Nike Women's Air Max~ 2009. These shoes come out every once in while and then disappear again. The price tag on these limited edition sneakers is $169.99.

Never have I ever spent over $75 on some shoes, but there's a first time for everything. I bought them and no compliment has come from a man yet, but my 9-yr-old brother did say they were cool shoes. A 9-yr-old counts, right?

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