Friday, March 2, 2012

RIP To The Girl You Used To See (Poetic Heart)

RIP To The Girl You Used To See… Sad, weak, hidden beneath her feelings, yelled at for having tears in her eyes. She was bullied, teased for her love of books, told her writing wasn’t good enough, never good enough, tortured at the sight of grades, anything below an A was a catastrophe, especially when it came to math. It was her weakness, but because you were strong she should have been strong too. You only cared to lie, pretended she was pathetic for giving in to the pain… She gave into the pain, found ways to show she didn’t care. Deep down she wanted your attention, but in plain sight, through a biased vision she knew you’d never pay attention… And it hurt. Trying to impress you, wear clothes to your liking, listen to the same kind of music as you, become a part of peer pressure, pretend she was someone that she was not, dive into a world she didn’t care about, it hurt so bad. So she had to kill that personality In order to find herself, she had to climax, find her breaking point, and learn to let go. Now she’s gone. RIP to that girl you used to know.
Big shit talker
Back it up with the walk
Never play the victim
Say hello to the girl in a search for herself. She sees you, at one point wanted to be you, looked up to you, and followed you around, asked for your advice, but all she ever got in reply was “Just be yourself.” No guidance, she learned to get through the negatives alone, no answers to uncertain questions, one day she’d figure it all out the best way, the hard way. She’d find herself. All it would take is a long, but needed search, a venture out into the real word.
Never be the stalker
Don’t chase dreams
Dreams come to me.
Ignore the niggas
Be hard to get
Prepare to meet the girl you’d like to see. She’s developed a personality, though not exactly what you’d expect. She grew up on love songs, slow thug songs, and low-key loved rap music, but her love for rappers is not so hidden anymore. Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and even 2 Chainz know just how to put a smile on her face. Lil Wayne, even though he already has five baby mamas, knows just how to entice her heart. She finds relaxation in the club scene and solace in discussing the latest hot topics. She relates to those just like her, curious about the world. The bloggers, the reporters, the writers, those editing life so it works out just for them, she listens, then writes and blends in.
Shed no tears
Talk about no fears
Stay single minded
Never settle
Replace the accomplishments with more goals
You’re not pleased. Someone said there’d be days like these, a hater around every corner. She finds her way to happiness, but can feel you pulling her back, hear your negatives comments. “Stop the questions. Forget about the ones that have achieved. You’re not like them. Think about something else. I want to get to know you. Tell me your story.” She doesn’t have a story, but she’s working on it, looking for a way to escape, in search of hard work mixed with lots of fun, dreaming of memories to create, so one day she can wake up and pass the visions along. Are you ready? That really does not matter. Say hello to the girl you’re about to meet.

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