Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Cash Money Records To Cash Money Content..

With a new book publishing company, Bryan Birdman Williams is an advocate for reading. 

Lately we've been hearing a lot about Young Money, but real money maker behind it all is still Bryan Birdman Williams. A long time ago we were introduced to Cash Money Records, which he owned. He went from a street rapper to a CEO to becoming a multimillionaire in the music industry. However, as successful as Birdman is, he's still expanding his wealth. 

Recently he sat down and talked to Black Enterprise about his new business, Cash Money Content. Check out some excerpts from the interview below. 

On Why He Branched Into The Publishing Industry

One of my personal reasons, I think we should read more as a people. And me, personally, I felt like I should read more. We have so much influence on the music world, I just wanted to convert it with books, and just get us [people of color] to read more. I think reading exercises the mind. To be special in life, we have to be self-educated, and I consider myself self-educated. 

On How He Was Able To Get Authors For The Company

We have a [literary] agent named Mark, who really helps us with this company. He really brings a lot of writers like Wahida [Clark] and Ashley & JaQuavis—those are real book writers. Evelyn Lozada [from Basketball Wives] came through Theresa, [rapper] Bow Wow’s mama, who is a friend of Evelyn’s. I think [with] Evelyn and everything she has going on, her book is going to be very special. I’ve been a friend of [radio personality] Big Boy for about 15 years, [and] I heard about [his] situation. I wanted that opportunity to be able to do some business with him. 

How He Stays Inspired

Family; loyalty; dedication; hard work; sacrifice; a lot of hours; and being smart. Everything is about your team; it’s never a selfish achievement. I just keep going forward [and] keep trying to expand this [brand] everyday. You can’t stay small. You have to keep trying to expand. And really I give my life to it… I really love my job passionately. I love to see these youngsters become superstars. That’s a gift. To me, it’s just being able to bless these youngsters that we have, and all these people on the label. Helping them become stars, that’s a blessing from God. 

I love a business man who is still able to put others first. Go to Black Enterprise to read the full interview. 

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