Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Karrine Steffans Hates Her Husband's Face

Karrine Steffans, also known as Superhead, is not making headlines for great sex or tell all books anymore. Her name is not being put out for bring a great author either. Now Karrine is being recognized for being the best of the best in dissing men. In fact she really let out a huge diss on twitter recently and the poor victim was her own husband.

Many months ago it was reported that Miss Steffans finally got married to a man that the public didn't recognize as a celebrity. In fact no one knew he was at all. However, downgrading hasn't been the best move for her. Read the words that she used to rip her husband's heart out and insult his little (maybe) dick below.

“You really deserve someone more basic…I’m tired of pretending your mediocracy is okay with me….I’m tired of pretending I don’t miss G650′s….I’m tired of pretending I don’t deserve a fucking BOSS! I’m tired of you driving my car….I’m tired of pretending like you shouldn’t be intimidated by the other men in my life. Cuz you should….I’m tired of pretending your dick isn’t the smallest 
 I’ve ever seen in my life. Cuz it is….I’m tired of pretending your favorite rapper didn’t just beat it up on Friday….Summer is on the way, nigga. You already know what’s up….I hate your whole face….I’m tired of acting like the sex is good….I hate when you roll all the way over onto my side of the bed to hold me. I’m over here for a reason….You should really be with that one chick who bagged our groceries this weekend. That’s more your speed.”
via The Jasmine Brand

Dang, she even said she hated his face. Have you ever insulted a man's whole face before?

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