Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nicki Minaj In Color Blocking Comfort

Nicki Minaj is my color blocking Queen.

When did the moment become cool to not care about matching outfits together? I remember being younger and being told my outfits didn't work. The shirt didn't match the pants, so it wasn't cute. The pants were matching the shoes, so I needed to start over. Just to be out there one day I let some kid paint my finger nails blue. It was loud and out of the ordinary, but the parents didn't like it. Back in the day colors just didn't work. Well wait...

Colors did sort of work for for stars. You could definitely catch stars rocking a style that we now know as color blocking. TLC wore every color of the rainbow when they first blossomed in the entertainment industry. However, as a normal little girl it wasn't acceptable around me. Now it's all the rage.

This commentary was inspired by the latest picture of Nicki Minaj. In the above picture she is shown wearing a green wig and some loud pink sweats. Then there's the pink lipstick that tops it all off.

Okay, you may look at Nicki as just another entertainer, but enter you nearest club and there's 50 women looking just like that. Yeah, color blocking is a cool popular style and Nicki Minaj is the queen of it.

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