Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who Is Kenya Bell? The Other Basketball Wives Don't Like Her

Weird, unprepared, crazy, loose screws in the head, too old, bad dancer and a bad friend are all some criticisms we've heard of Basketball Wives newcomer Kenya Bell. I think they were all said in the same episode too. So far there's been two episodes of Basketball Wives, but the drama is heavy in the air and Kenya Bell is one of the main targets.

Before this season started we already knew that Jen and Evelyn were no longer friends. We also knew that Evelyn was a big bully, so drama would come and it has. However, that was the first episode of the season. The second episode focused on Kenya and everyone's negative judgment of her. There were several criticisms thrown at Kenya.

  • Weird because of promotional youtube videos
  • Unprepared because she didn't bring anything to an important meeting
  • Crazy because of youtube videos and a horrible way of dressing
  • Loose screws in the head because she smiled at criticism and thanked the person for their advice
  • Too old because of youtube videos
  • Bad dance and bad friend because she's too in tune with her emotions

Oh and I left one out. Tami told Kenya that she lacked sex appeal. After watching the episode three times to understand the drama I decided to find out who exactly Kenya Bell is. She can't be all the negativeness that was said about her. This search took me straight to her main website What I found was totally opposite of the girl on the show.

What caught my attention first is the picture at the top. Tami said Kenya had no sex appeal, but that picture says "Jump in the bed with me tonight."

Another thing that caught my attention was a list of goals. The list consists of goals she made as a kid, but neglected as she became older. Among the list is become a doctor, help the less fortunate, become an entrepreneur, and sing on broadway. Along with this list she also encourages anyone reading to create their own list. WOW, that shows a genuine woman.

After checking her main webpage and reading through the goals, I ventured into her "About Me" section. This section showed how she had put everyone before her for so many years. She was focused on her husband's career and raising her children for a while. For a split second she talked about how it's time to build her own career, but then she ventured back into how she wants to help others. Can I say genuineness again?

What I learned is Kenya Bell is a happy go lucky woman achieving her goals, but still some-what putting others before herself. She's also a better model than dancer. Although on the show Kenya does come across unorganized, she promotes herself well online.

Judge for yourself,

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