Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rihanna Advertises For Armani, I Think

There is a new Armani commerical out featuring Rihanna. However, I think they forget to tell her what she was advertising.

Throughout most of the video Rihanna is rolling around in a bed in underwear. When she does make it to the bathroom words magically appear on the mirror to let her know she has a flight coming up. Then it's not until the very end that she slides on jeans and grabs a purse to head out the door. The commercial finally makes sense once the Armani Jeans pops up. Throughout this whole commercial there is only dark music playing and no words are spoken. She's a singer and she doesn't even sing.

What I think happened is Rihanna was paid to advertise sex and then once the video was complete the makers decided to add the Armani Jeans logo as an afterthought. Check the video out for yourself.

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