Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trina Gets Styled By June/ Where's My Stylist?

Recently a brand new show called "Styled By June" appeared on Vh1. This show features famous stylist June Ambrose. On the show she shows us how she revamps celebrities looks to match the direction their careers are going in. On the second episode June had lots of fun styling Miami rapper Trina.

Trina used to be one of the baddest bitches on the rap scene. She'd jump on a mic, spit some sexy rap verses, and her songs would top the music charts. Her style with went her verses too. Being an ex-stripper Trina knew how to turn her sex appeal up high. However, times have changed.

Hardcore sexual female rappers have been replaced with Nicki Minaj and her imitators. Along the lines of style, there are so many women trying to stand out that wears actual clothes have become more important. Having personality in those clothes are important too.

That is why along with renewing her career, Trina had June Ambrose to help her with her choice of clothing and hair. Well, when the show was taped Trina made a transformation to a mo-hawk and cute long skirts. Just look at the pictures.

Now, I'm trying to build a career. Where's my stylist to help me out?

To remind you of the Trina we fell in love with, check out the old music video below.

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