Saturday, March 3, 2012

Janet Jackson Is Not The Next X-Factor Judge

Janet Jackson will not be the next X Factor judge. Rumors are she turned down the offer.

As I write this, I'm also watching Poetic Justice. In case you don't know Poetic Justice is a movie where Janet and Tupac Shakur play totally opposite acquaintances that fall in love. As opposite as the truly were, the story line was easy to believe. Now to get to my point...

When I was in college a professor said you don't have to accept every job offer you get. Then when I graduated I found out that people expect you to take up the first job offer you get. But then after I started working I learned that people will get mad at you for working jobs with low income. However, as I've taken this journey of  getting paychecks I've found out that people only expect you to have options once you've reached a certain career status.

At one point Janet Jackson had a beautiful voice and was bursting with talent. Now that the world knows her name she has options and X Factor is not one of them. After finding out she was being considered, the star told the media that it would be impossible to become one of the judges.

Now all I want to know is when will my options be available?

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