Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Messes Up Again, Should She Give Up?

This Saturday Lindsay Lohan tried to revive her acting career by hosting Saturday Night Live.
Who is that 40-Yr-Old Supposed To Be?

Wait, do you see Lindsay Lohan as an actress? I can only remember three movies. The most recent was I Know Who Killed Me, which came out in 2007. Before that was Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. Well, there was also Parent Trap, but she was a kid and this blog is not kid friendly. She's had some roles, but Linsday is definitely not known for acting. We know of her big party life, huge drug use, and fast aging.

I'm not going to recount the show to you. I only barely watched. There were a couple moments where Linsday seemed to be trying hard, but all the effort in the world couldn't have hidden that bad acting. Then her look was atrocious. It was as if I was watching Dolly Parton in her current age act a fool on a successful television show.

Okay, there's not much for me to say. The show didn't have my full attention. However, I did notice Lindsay's awful acting. The woman, although she's fairly young, has had a rough life. As a kid she was successful and able to live out her dreams. Maybe they were her parent's dreams, but they bought her lots of money and kept her in the spotlight. However, after a downhill career and drug abuse, should Lindsay just give up, step away from the mic, get out of the spotlight, regroup, discover herself?

Giving up is a strong phrase. It could involve getting rid of the part of yourself that really make you good at what you do. Then again giving up could mean discovering better. I don't know. Did you watch the show? Have you contemplated giving up in your own life? I don't expect comments, but I'm opening up the comments section.

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