Monday, January 24, 2011

50 Cent, The Best Business Man of 2011

While Oprah is possibly the best business woman ever, 50 Cent is definitely the best business man of 2011.

Some people show their business credentials by showing how much money is in their bank accounts. Others do it by buying as many fabulous material possessions as possible. 50 Cent uses his mouth and writing skills to show off his business credentials. This month alone 50 Cent has done a lot to increase his millionaire and genius status. His most recent act was creating a beef with Q, the owner of

The thing about these beefs is we always know that they aren't real, but we always fall for them. It's probably because they're so fun. Well, the way 50 Cent started this beef was he announced through his twitter that world star hip hop was gone. I, along with millions of others, immediately checked and the website was non exist. Then 50 Cent started tweeting about how people should go to his website Immediately he had millions of viewers. He also advertised his headphones, which I'm sure someone bought.

While 50 Cent's website and headphones were receiving more attention, people were also trying to figure out what happened to "World Star Hip Hop." There were rumors such as the federal government had shut the website down and that the site was simply having technical difficulties. Well, while no one knows what happened the website is back up and again it was announced through twitter.

There are still some people who are curious about what happened, but there's no doubt in all of our minds that 50 Cent is the best business man of 2011. In less than an hour he promoted headphone and had millions of viewers to his website.

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