Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fashion Flashback

Starting today I'm going to do a flashback of my favorite fashions from the week. Now as everyone knows the Golden Globes was last Sunday. Below are a few of my favorite fashions from the awards show.

On E! network Joan Rivers and several others talked about how they hated Halle Berry's red carpet dress. They said it was unfinished. Well, I liked the dress. It did look unfinished, but that made it have more character. Halle Berry definitely brought back the v-cut around the woman's private area look.

Since blue is my favorite color that's the only reason I love what Mandy Moore wore.

Mila Kunis definitely represented the color green well in this dress.

While dresses were nice, some hairstyles stood out to me too. One person who showed a new hairstyle this week was Rihanna.

A couple of days ago Rihanna revealed to the world her new red afro wig. I actually like it and I'm giving Rihanna the new nickname "Queen Redhead."

That's all for this week in the fashions the caught my eye. I'll be back next Friday with a list of wonderful hairstyle and clothings celebrities rocked to perfection.

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