Monday, January 3, 2011

Basketball Wives: The Hosting Look

Last night I tuned into Basketball Wives. In one scene Suzie Ketchum was discussing with a woman why she wants  to get into broadcasting. She described how she was sidetracked after graduating college, meeting the man of her dreams, and having children. The woman then told her that she could make it. The woman also told Suzie that she had the look for being on camera. This made me think.

What exactly is the on camera look? Suzie is white with long flowing hair. She also has a  mature look,because if she's not forty then she's creeping towards that age. She's very outspoken and she doesn't mind gossiping about anyone (even if it's her mom). More than anything else Suzie doesn't mind talking as long as she's dishing the dirt and the dirt is not being thrown toward her. So, is that the on camera look?

 Obviously everyone can't be white. Not everyone has long hair that moves on it's on. Some people look a lot younger than they really are. So, what is the on camera look? This is a mystery to solve in 2011.

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