Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lil Duval and The Effects of Snow In The South

Southern people are used to hot weather. I'm not talking about when the temperature is 70 degrees and coats can be put away. We southern people are used to walking around in 90 degree weather and dripping with sweat. However, lately the citizens in Atlanta haven't been able to feel any heat. In fact they've barely been able to go to work because of the amount of snow the city has.

Not everyone is letting the snow spoil their mood. Some people are creating songs while stuck in the house. Lil Duval, a comedian, is one of those people who recently jumped on youtube to keep himself and his listeners entertained. His song, which the snow helped create, is called "Yo Nut Running Down My Runway." Check out the craziness, I mean creativeness, below.

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