Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soulja Boy Looks Just Like The Rock

Or at least that's what he thinks. Around midnight Soulja Boy jumped on his tweeter and showed the world just how high his confidence was. He tweeted every conceited thing that came to mind. He even compared himself Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock. Check some of the tweets below.

"i'm on my soulja boy shit in 2011 i'm the best prettiest sexiest richest nigga you ever seen i'm the best there's ever been immaculate
Let's just all be honest i'm too sexy, what else is new tho?
if my money was equivalent to my looks, I would give every one in the world 100,000$ ... yeah.. it's that's good.
to be honest, I look exactly like orlando bloom and otto from rocket power.
I look just like Dwayne johnson that's on everything I'm the rock in his prime IF YA SMELLLLLLL ELL ELLLL WHAT SOULJA BOY IS COOKING?"

Yeah, he had a lot of confidence. While Soulja Boy was having fun feeling himself up with pride, others didn't feel the same way as him. Several celebrities, such as Chris Rock and Katt Williams, voiced their opinions to Soulja Boy over twitter. Some tweets are below.

"Talkin bout he look like Goku n Brad pitt see what the fuck im talkin bout? they give people like him actual RECORD DEALS smh"

"Yall stare at this bitches twitter back ground real quick thats a real rapper? Im Done @"
-Katt Williams

"Whoa @ said he looks like The Rock?! LMFAO! This boney nigga look more like Pebbles from The Flintstones. Ass nigga"
-Chris Rock

All of their tweets were funny. However, I really hope Soulja Boy just wanted to entertain the public. After all he's not a real rapper. He's an entertainer. There's a difference. Plus, after a man gets his whole body tattooed he does a good job of killing his sex appeal. 

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